First, to put it simply, there are no words just lyrics…

“there cannot be a reason, not for death, not like this….” – La Dispute

We stand with Manchester, with all those who lost their lives, with all those injured, with all those who lost their sense of security in the world.

Our hearts are broken to see music be used as a target to tear people apart instead of bringing them together, but we applaud the Manchester community for not letting hate outweigh love. Concerts are meant to be a safe place where people from all walks of life come together and be apart of an experience larger than themselves.

We have decided to have a day of social media silence to honor the fans, families, and crew affected by this. We don’t want to push merchandise, tickets sales, or other bands when healing and community are far more important.

If you’d like to get further involved here is what you can do to help:
1. Donate blood
2. Spread love and be kind to all those you encounter
3. Be sensitive to what you are posting online, we all need some time to heal

We at the Vans Warped Tour will continue to take every security precaution and measure we have taken over the past 22 years to ensure the safety of our fans and crew every single day.  We will be vigilant, we will work with the local venue security team to be safe, effective, and secure.

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