90 Days To Warped Feature Band: Reckless Serenade

Today’s 90 Days To Warped feature band is Reckless Serenade! You can catch them all summer long on the Full Sail University Stage. Not only is Reckless Serenade today’s 90 Days To Warped Band, but they are also the Vans Warped Tour BBQ band! They’re gonna be grilling up some BBQ for all the staff and crew this summer on warped. Check out this video on how to make the perfect burger for the grill master themselves!

Reckless Serenade will also be doing a Q+A on twitter at 3pm pst. Ask all your questions using the hashtag #ReckWarpedQA, and Reckless Serenade will be sure to answer them!


Reckless Serenade has been in the process of recording a new album, so expect new music soon! Till then jam out to this album and get ready for a great summer.

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