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Vincent Cyr


Cyr is a YouTuber personality, yet he is also a talented producer, actor and musician. Read Full Bio

Vincent Cyr - most often goes by "Cyr". Cyr is a YouTuber personality, yet he is also a talented producer, actor and musician. His style is pop cult-like and he brings a unique artistic and cinematic vision to the screen.

Cyr goes deep into the minds of today's youth, and always manages to bring forward certain gems that guide his fans through everyday occurrences. He makes them think through their actions, and consoles them to rise above the negative idiosyncrasies of life.

Cyr's life is a canvas, and his moves are sketched along the way through his videos. His dry humor is refreshing, as you may have to think twice or more to get to the punch line. Everyone loves Cyr. He's just so different, quirky and enlightening!

We are so excited to have Cyr on Warped Tour, as he is that cherished sole we can't live without. He'll be a great mentor to up-and-coming YouTubers, as he's patient and willing to share his talents. Cyr's soft demeanor will offer the manager-style persona needed on tour to cherry pick the best of the best young talents to become proteges along the way.

Cyr's latest tweet to his fans coming to met him and work with him on Warped Tour 2014 "I say to you that I'm going to be ON Warped Tour this year, at all the dates, and you say.......?" Overwhelming, dear Cyr, we say "CAN'T WAIT!"

Favorite Cyr Quotes:
* "Just realized, that the day, is what I make of it. So I'm gonna make a cake, and make a cake of it"
* "Regardless of what life advice anyone gives you to find happiness or love, the true answer is that hydration is the real key to life"


Dates Appearing

Jun 13 Houston, TX   buy
Jun 14 San Antonio, TX   buy
Jun 15 Dallas, TX   buy
Jun 17 Albuquerque, NM   buy
Jun 18 Mesa, AZ   buy
Jun 19 Las Vegas, NV   buy
Jun 20 Pomona, CA   buy
Jun 21 Mountain View, CA   buy
Jun 22 Ventura, CA   buy
Jun 25 Chula Vista, CA   buy
Jun 26 Wheatland, CA   buy
Jun 28 Southeast Auburn, WA   buy
Jun 29 Portland, OR   buy
Jul 02 Maryland Heights, MO   buy
Jul 03 Noblesville, IN   buy
Jul 04 Toronto, ON   buy
Jul 05 Montreal, QC   buy
Jul 06 Holmdel, NJ   buy
Jul 08 Darien Center, NY   buy
Jul 09 Scranton, PA   buy
Jul 10 Mansfield, MA   buy
Jul 11 Camden, NJ   buy
Jul 12 Wantagh, NY   buy
Jul 13 Hartford, CT   buy
Jul 15 Burgettstown, PA   buy
Jul 16 Cincinnati, OH   buy
Jul 17 Cuyahoga Falls, OH   buy
Jul 18 Auburn Hills, MI   buy
Jul 19 Tinley Park, IL   buy
Jul 20 Shakopee, MN   buy
Jul 22 Columbia, MD   buy
Jul 23 Virginia Beach, VA   buy
Jul 24 Atlanta, GA   buy
Jul 25 St. Petersburg, FL   buy
Jul 26 West Palm Beach, FL   buy
Jul 27 Orlando, FL   buy
Jul 28 Charlotte, NC   buy
Jul 29 Nashville, TN   buy
Jul 30 Milwaukee, WI   buy
Jul 31 Bonner Springs, KS   buy
Aug 02 Salt Lake City, UT   buy
Aug 03 Denver, CO   buy