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Damon Fizzy


Dee Fizzy (Damon Fizzy) - a huggable, yet awkwardly goofy Youtube personality with a self-sustaining mantra to help others. Read Full Bio

Dee Fizzy (Damon Fizzy) - a huggable, yet awkwardly goofy Youtube personality with a self-sustaining mantra to help others. The "others" in question are part of his social family, aptly dubbed the Fizzy Family.

A glimpse at Damon's YouTube persona: "hi, i'm damon fizzy. I make videos in hopes of making ya smile and forget about the negatives that you face everyday. Oh, my mom said I could do whatever the tits I put my mind to so I tried walking through a wall & I ended up in the hospital. So until I master that, I'll be posting these weird ole' videos on the interwebz."

The Fizzy Family is a worldwide entity: Damon's messy hurrr cut, adorable button nose, irresistible eyes, Pokemon plugs, and silly humor charm hundreds of thousands of followers from countries sprinkled about the globe. A large number of his followers take on his namesake: Emily Fizzy, Amanda Fizzy, Courtney Fizzy, Angie Fizzy, Bailey Fizzy, Julia Fizzy, Kiara fizzy... you name it: "Shout out to the peeps with Fizzy in your name... I SEE YOU!" This isn't any ordinary fan's a family.

Fizzy Family members spend hours upon hours of their everyday (and night) lives following Damon's adventures (via Vlogs - video blogs) on his popular youtube channels (2 of them) and on his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages, and even connecting with each other on the FizzyFamily website. What do they find so intriguing that they can stay awake all night watching his "lyfe" unfold before their very eyes? It's his general demeanor with Fizzy Family members. He is one of them. He lives though their everyday struggles right alongside them. He relates to their struggles, fears, sadness, loneliness, and joys - their everyday emotions. He shows them that they're not alone in this journey of life by inviting them into his own world. Oh, and let's face it, he's very huggable.

Deefizzy LOVES animals, avocados, pasta and his girlfriend Taylor Swift (she just doesn't know they're dating yet). He's an advocate against animal cruelty and would gladly accept offers to live and work on a farm (with Wi-Fi thanks). He's super stoked to be working with Warped tour 2014 and is mostly excited to meet and hang with all of his Fizzy Friends at each stop, not to mention the vegan menu offered to Warped staff as an option every day at mealtime.

Hashtags his fans use in their posts to acknowledge they are proud members of the Fizzy Family: #FizzyFamily #FizzyFamilyForever and #peaceskies (a made up term that Damon ends his popular vlogs with)


Dates Appearing

Jun 13 Houston, TX   buy
Jun 14 San Antonio, TX   buy
Jun 15 Dallas, TX   buy
Jun 17 Albuquerque, NM   buy
Jun 18 Mesa, AZ   buy
Jun 19 Las Vegas, NV   buy
Jun 20 Pomona, CA   buy
Jun 21 Mountain View, CA   buy
Jun 22 Ventura, CA   buy
Jun 25 Chula Vista, CA   buy
Jun 26 Wheatland, CA   buy
Jun 28 Southeast Auburn, WA   buy
Jun 29 Portland, OR   buy
Jul 02 Maryland Heights, MO   buy
Jul 03 Noblesville, IN   buy
Jul 04 Toronto, ON   buy
Jul 05 Montreal, QC   buy
Jul 06 Holmdel, NJ   buy
Jul 08 Darien Center, NY   buy
Jul 09 Scranton, PA   buy
Jul 10 Mansfield, MA   buy
Jul 11 Camden, NJ   buy
Jul 12 Wantagh, NY   buy
Jul 13 Hartford, CT   buy
Jul 15 Burgettstown, PA   buy
Jul 16 Cincinnati, OH   buy
Jul 17 Cuyahoga Falls, OH   buy
Jul 18 Auburn Hills, MI   buy
Jul 19 Tinley Park, IL   buy
Jul 20 Shakopee, MN   buy
Jul 22 Columbia, MD   buy
Jul 23 Virginia Beach, VA   buy
Jul 24 Atlanta, GA   buy
Jul 25 St. Petersburg, FL   buy
Jul 26 West Palm Beach, FL   buy
Jul 27 Orlando, FL   buy
Jul 28 Charlotte, NC   buy
Jul 29 Nashville, TN   buy
Jul 30 Milwaukee, WI   buy
Jul 31 Bonner Springs, KS   buy
Aug 02 Salt Lake City, UT   buy
Aug 03 Denver, CO   buy