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2014 Warped Service Day

How You Can Get Involved

Focn donate

Want to get in early, avoid a long general admission line & do some good?

Bring three canned goods (cannot be dented cans), a $5 donation, a used cell phone, or a new or gently used iPod (or any Apple music player, with or without charger) to the Feed Our Children NOW! tent. The tent is located near the Skip The Line flag where you'll receive a skip the line wristband in exchange for your donation.

Bring back the music! Get your ​S​kip ​T​he ​L​ine wristband by bringing a gently used Apple music player of any kind to the Feed Our Children NOW! tent. Millions of elderly people living in nursing homes face cognitive and physical challenges and have left behind their familiar surroundings, familiar faces and even their favorite music. MUSIC & MEMORY℠, using new and donated iPods, reconnects those living in long-term care to their own music and awakening even long-lost memories. Each iPod changes the life of an elder!


I hear if I donate blood I can go backstage. Can I?

The nonprofit Music Saves Lives offers a backstage wristband for the first 100 ticket holders that line up at the MSL tent the day of the show. You will need to donate blood or have someone donate for you. You will need to earn your MSL Voucher at an Official MSL blood center, or earn a blood donor Badge on your Smartphone using the MSL App, or lastly, have taken a photo of yourself donating blood. You will need to bring one of these 3 options to our tent and check in with the MSL Staff. All Backstage Blood Drives Start April 15th 2014. More information can be found on the MSL site

Vans Warped Tour Non Profit Community Efforts

Eco logo

Warped Eco: 2014 Highlights

The Vans Warped Tour Eco Team coordinated over 1000 volunteers during the 2014 tour

27,134+ lbs

of recyclable glass, plastic, aluminum, cardboards and cell phones were collected

416,000 lbs

of canned food donated via Feed Our Children NOW! collection points at entry gates
Service day The Vans Warped Tour was proud to partner with Waves For Water – who coordinated Hurricane Sandy Relief for 450 excited volunteers in Lavallette, NJ. Musicians, production crew, sponsor staff and local volunteers worked to power wash benches, clean up debris, plant erosion preventing grasses and more.
Volunteer day