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Strangers You Know is a sonic collective out of Southern California, brought together by chance and kept together by similar musical interests. Despite this, it's the differences in musical backgrounds of each individual that create the unique and diverse sounds of the band. From folk to electronic, the band draws inspiration from many different sources, with each member bringing their own sound to the group. Adam pulls from more analog forms of music, from artists such as The Beatles, Beck, and more modern songwriters such as Kacey Musgraves and the Avett Brothers. Grady, on the other hand draws from modern music trends such as Deep House and R&B. Sjors listens to more rock oriented artists, like Jack White and The Red Hot Chili Peppers while Dakota draws from hip hop artists like The Roots.

The band, which comprises Grady Lee (vocals, guitar), Adam Haagen (piano, guitar, vocals, banjo, mandolin), Dakota Dobbin (Drums), Sjors Van Alphen (bass), The band released its first EP (Something to Someone) early summer of 2014 and has had a busy 2014 summer tour schedule on Vans Warped Tour, First City Festival, and the Sunset Strip Music Festival.
After 6 months in the studio they have finished their first full album (What Happened) to be released in May.