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from Cincinnati, OH


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Mixtapes is a 4 piece band from Cincinnati, Ohio. The band started in 2010 when Ryan Rockwell met Maura Weaver while working at a music club. Ryan's father had just passed and Maura was going through some tough times and the two started writing acoustic songs just to vent. 3 years later after constant touring in and out of the U.S. , two full lengths and multiple ep's and splits, the band that hoped to one day play a local show at least feels pretty lucky. "We honestly just had stuff we wanted to say, and no outlet to say it. If you are a very hard working band with no expectations, and unwilling to compromise, I believe that songs can still speak for themselves in this day and age". That's a quote from singer/guitarist Ryan Rockwell we feel sums up the band and it's attitude. Mixtapes is renowned for their personal lyrics, sarcastic sense of humor and crazy stage shows, with their new album Ordinary silence they plan to conquer the world, come with them.