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Mike Herrera

Rock & Punk
from Bremerton, WA


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It's been almost twenty-two years since Mike Herrera formed MxPx with a few friends back in the naval town of Bremerton, Washington. Twenty-two years later, he's seen much of the world, shared stages with some of his biggest inspirations, been part of some fantastic stories, and continues to have success with his long-running punk band. Even still- being a full time musician, podcast host, and a straight up entrepreneur, he's ready for another project.
Not to be confused with MxPx Acoustic, Herrera is writing his first solo record. "It's sort of scary because I want it to be good... but I want it to be honest," says Herrera. Starting slow with a few shows in select markets, Herrera is looking forward to trying out some of the new tunes on crowds this summer on Warped Tour and, from there, it's back to the studio.