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Me Like Bees

Indie & Alternative
from Joplin, MO


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Me Like Bees is a band born out of a combination of guys from mid-western towns who came together shortly after college. Now 4 years and growing the band has released their first full-length album, THE IDES, on Loveway Records. The album was produced and recorded by Jeff Smith at Studio 2100(Never Shout Never, Carter Hulsey,Trust Company).
"There is a thread that runs through this record with each song, if you notice the album has a lot of imagery of death and sorrow, and then imagery of renewal and awakening," says main lyricist and lead singer, Luke Sheafer. "Much of the lyrical content speaks of the spiritual death felt post-tragedy, with counteracting themes of redemption and restoration."
The title track "The Ides" is the first single released off the album, and for good reason. It sets the standard by which the rest of the album takes its cues. It's upbeat, catchy, and immediately grabs your attention. It's Modest Mouse meets Black Keys in the best possible light.
"A lot of this album was us figuring out our sound. I think we've come a long way in our songwriting with this record. It was painstaking at times, but I think all in all we can feel proud of the overall effort, like we were able to put our best foot forward." says drummer, Tim Cote.
You can approach this record in two ways. 1) just enjoy the music while drinking your Natty Light or 2) embrace the musical and lyrical monolith that Me Like Bees serves up. Such thought provoking lyrics as:
"I'm questioning what's been testing me, might be my best years have bested me" (The Ides)
"Burn brighter if you cant fix the house that you were born into, put a match to work and see what fire can do" (Pneumonia)
Also on the record is a new version of the fan favorite, "Naked Trees", previously released as a single in 2011. "We wrote that song after our hometown of Joplin, MO was hit with that awful tornado. The things we experienced during that time and how just the landscape was changed." guitarist Pete Burton states. "Being witness to the people of Joplin and their level of resolve in the face of such devastation, it's hard not to be inspired by that. We're proud to call Joplin home."
"Don't feel guilt for troubled skies, For by the hair of our collective chin, Lord knows it wasn't we who let it in" (Lyrics from Naked trees)
Not only is the album one to talk about but it's also their live shows that keep the fan base building. Me like Bees are a vessel of swirling guitar hooks with Sheafer at the helm steering the songs into frantic waters, while leaving the audience with a feeling that this musical ship could capsize at any moment. But it doesn't. Drummer Tim Cote makes sure of that. To further beat the nautical allegory over the head, he is the anchor that keeps this ship in place. He is an impressive display of a musician at the top of his game as he plays the glockenspiel with one hand while simultaneously holding a shaker and drumstick in the other. Then there's bassist Nick Bynum, who's boyish charm hasn't been seen since the likes of Mike Seaver played by Kirk Cameron in the show Growing Pains. Equally talented as a bassist, he is responsible for bringing the rhythm section full circle, making the bands live show a performance that no one is soon to forget.