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Acts like Ghost Town don't come along very often. At a time when everyone is clamoring to find "the next big thing," this fiercely independent foursome have managed to build a fanatic fan base of "Ghosts" solely through this music without any gimmicks or fancy marketing campaigns. Now that the band have partnered with Fueled By Ramen to release their first proper full-length it seems like there's no limit for this unstoppable electro-rock act who are more of a multimedia experience than they are a typical "band."

Ghost Town's vocalist Kevin Ghost and guitarist Alix Monster have known each other since high school, however it wasn't until they hooked up with drummer MannYtheDrummeR (who had previously played with Travie McCoy) and electronic savant Evan Pearce that the magic that is Ghost Town was fully realized. "When I started this band with Alix we tried working with some other people but eventually they would stop answering my calls because all I ever wanted to do was work on music," Kevin admits. "I just kept trying to find people who were as obsessive about this as I was and when I finally found them we started and haven't stopped."
The band found Pearce at a studio in Burbank and six hours after they sent him a song idea he had already added the electronic elements that would set them apart from any of their peers. Two weeks after finalizing their current lineup the band released their first song online and continued to release a brand new track every week. "I guess the rock gods were smiling upon us because our music seemed to find its audience really quickly... and from there it just exploded," Kevin continues. "Despite all the hard work and creative energy we put into this band we also realize that we're extremely lucky because people seemed to immediately discover and gravitate to what we were doing and that's not a very common thing to happen these days."
Despite now being a part of the Fueled By Ramen family, Ghost Town have always been markedly self-sufficient and that spirit extends to Party In The Graveyard. "We recorded and mixed this album completely ourselves, no one else touched it," Pearce explains. Equally integral to the band is artist Alister Dippner a.k.a. IM A MACHINIST, whose illustrations are visual companions to the band's unique brand of music. "Alister is considered another member of the band," Pearce explains, "his art really represents what we sound like and he makes what we write come alive visually."

Furthermore the band are so relatable because they discuss topics that everyone has experienced. "A lot of the lyrics are about relationships," Kevin explains. "Some of them are very juicy and there's a song called 'Carnival' about your first time falling in love when you give everything to that person because you've never felt heartbreak before," he continues "You're innocent and you don't really have a wall and you trust them by
default and then they hurt you and it's the most real pain you could feel. It's not like someone physically hurting you, it's emotional, but you can still feel it in your skin and bones."
Something else that sets Ghost Town apart from other bands is the intensely collaborative nature of the project. "We all make decisions together, whether it's writing songs or posting something on Facebook," Manny explains. Alix adds, that "the reason why it's so important to have input from everyone is because one person may see something that another person didn't see or be able to put another idea on top of something else," he explains--and this type of teamwork is the only way a brazen R&B club banger like "Party In The Graveyard" could come into existence. "The goal at the end of the day is to always create the best thing possible so whatever it takes that's what we'll make happen."

That said, regardless the band's intense drive and attention to detail, none of this would matter if the music wasn't just as captivating and ultimately the reason that Ghost Town have resonated so deeply with fans is because of how innovative and original each song is. From the ultra catchy dance-rock vibe of fan favorite "You're So Creepy" to symphonic, syncopated "Dreamer" and atmospheric anthem "Tentacles," Party In The Graveyard is sonic proof that Ghost Town's success is due to their innate ability to write hooks that are simply irresistible and also transcend genres.

"The electronics make us stick out like a sore thumb in the best way possible," Kevin explains. "Evan really comes from the EDM, drum & Bass and dubstep world so when you mix it with the rock side, it turns out as something completely different." Alix adds, "None of us had any preconceived idea of how things would turn out or even sound going into this project. The five of us, including Alister, all put our creativity together and our sound is an expression of that. There is a whole universe to Ghost Town that us and our ghosts to get lost in and we welcome them with with open arms because we consider our fans to be part of a community of like-minded people."

That community is what lies at the core of Ghost Town and their ability to connect with them via their music is what will continue to make the band relevant for years to come. "A lot of our Ghosts say we treat them like family and it's because we feel like they're our family even if we haven't actually met," Kevin explains. "I think acting like you're not better than anyone else gets across the message that you can do whatever you want with your life and ultimately I hope that's what people take away from our music," he summarizes. "It may sound idealistic, but it's totally possible."