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Sgt. Corrin Campbell presented by Army Musical Outreach

Alternative & Rock
from Nashville, TN

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Sgt Corrin Campbell, originally from Duluth, MN has been bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase "working musician". As an active-duty U.S. Army soldier and combat veteran, Corrin has been working two careers - one of a Soldier, and one of a DIY indie artist. Finally the two have merged and Corrin began touring on behalf of the US Army last year, telling her Army story and what it means to be a Soldier while maintaining your individual identity and life goals. "I am unique; I am still me. The songs and words are mine." says Corrin. "The Army is a place where I can use my talents and skill sets to benefit a team - a huge team of individuals who wear the same uniform and work for the same purpose: the protect the rights and life of the American people as we know it." Corrin is intent on making the world a better place through music. She is on the road about 300 days per year and performs at music festivals, high schools, colleges, even professional sporting events over 200 times in a year.