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Chelsea Grin

Metalcore & Metal
from Salt Lake City, UT


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One year in a dog's life equals seven for a human. Dog years are a lot like touring musician years: Being on the road and learning from more seasoned bands, playing music every night, traveling together every day, a lot of growth happens at super-human speed. "For a fulltime musician, a year is a long time; one album is a huge difference. We love the album [Desolation of Eden, Chelsea Grin's debut] but like any musician, old stuff is old stuff, when you get better you want to write different things," Chelsea Grin bassist David Flinn says, revealing, "We all sat down and talked about what we wanted the new album to be--we wanted it to include ideas that date back to our EP but open up to things we listen to now like Thrice, Black Dahlia Murder, and other styles of music. We don't want to put out the typical deathcore album." Chelsea Grin are now finalizing their third full length for Artery Recordings titled Ashes to Ashes. The cd will be available on this summer's Warped Tour 2014 and will showcase the bands most thought out work to date.