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Brian Marquis

Folk & Rock
from Los Angeles, CA

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Brian Marquis, former guitarist of the beloved Boston-based post-hardcore outfit Therefore I Am, released his debut solo full-length album, Blood & Spirits, out now on Equal Vision Records.

Marquis is the creator of the Acoustic Basement Stage on the Vans Warped Tour and will be performing as well as running the stage for the 4th consecutive year this coming summer.

The semi-indoor tented stage features a wide variety of established acts performing acoustic sets, offering a break from the signature full-band stages of the massive annual touring festival. Artists who have performed on the stage include the likes of Craig Owens, Anthoni Raneri, Nick Santino, Ace Enders, Chuck Ragan, Into It. Over It., Transit, Anti-Flag, William Beckett (The Academy Is...), and many more. The Acoustic Basement has now expanded beyond the US Vans Warped Tour, having now completed two independent US tours and the first UK run this past year.

Following the disbanding of Therefore I am, Marquis set out on his own musical path as a solo artist, straying away from the in-your-face rock that had been a part of his life for so long, and now presenting a softer more soulful side of his musical prowess.

Marquis' deep, earthy vocals shine on Blood & Spirits, offering introspective, poetic lyricism, undeniably catchy melodies and a dynamic collection of songs that range stylistically from bright, memorable sing-alongs ("Paralysis by Analysis") filled to the brim with Boston pride ("From Boston") to dark, emotional tales crooned out with just the right amount of Americana twang ("Hem & Haw", "I'm Still Chasing You") and full-hearted genuineness ("Drink You Up"). One can simply feel the raw, honest truth and passion behind each and every word Marquis pours out on Blood & Spirits.

The new album was recorded in Los Angeles, CA with producer Doug Grean (Tim McGraw, Sheryl Crow, Stone Temple Pilots).

While a positive spirit has always been at the core of Marquis' true being, it wasn't until his recent brush with a potentially untimely fate that pushed him into the truly extraordinary territory of greater meaning and purpose displayed on Blood & Spirits.

In 2013, while attempting to preserve the safety and integrity of the Acoustic Basement Stage on the Vans Warped Tour in the midst of a sudden, aggressive storm in Florida -Marquis was unimaginably struck by lightning. While the serious scare (that promptly landed him in the hospital) left him with no known long-term side-effects or ailments, the scarring event proved to be a stark reminder of the fragility of life, the importance of friends and family, and - above all for Marquis - to live life with real purpose and make music with real meaning.

Marquis' message is clear and powerful on the forthcoming album, his first release of new music since the incident, as he leaves his heart and soul on the table and truly makes the most of each and every note on the record. With Blood & Spirits, Marquis has officially found his voice.