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If you were the guy placing bets in the mid nineties on a party rock band from Denton, Texas who love to hang out and drink beer, whilst playing songs simply so they could hang out and drink some more, to go on and have a twenty year, Grammy nominated career with the most loyal, genre spanning fan base in Rock, you'd probably be laughed out the bar! But, in 2013, you'd also be the guy cashing in the big winning ticket, proving that fun is the key to success when done Texas style!

Since forming in 1994, BOWLING FOR SOUP have gone on to capture the hearts of music fans in every corner of globe with their infectious, fun filled attitude. It's one that spreads from the stage when performing live, bringing everyone in the room together and leaving with a guaranteed smile on their faces. They've survived long after many bands of similar genres fell by the wayside and today, almost twenty years later, they continue to forge ahead with the release of their brand new album, 'LUNCH. DRUNK. LOVE.' set for release in September.

Totally embracing the new model for recording and releasing new music, BOWLING FOR SOUP called out to their fans to help fund 'LUNCH. DRUNK. LOVE.', (a play on words from the 2002 Adam Sandler movie, 'Punch Drunk Love'). The fans in turn responded way beyond the band's expectations which afforded singer Jaret Reddick, bassist Erik Chandler, guitarist Chris Burney and drummer Gary Wiseman the chance to give them an incredibly interactive experience when it came to the creation of the new album.

"I always knew the songs would be there and the end result would be good, but the real pressure for us was to make sure that everyone who pledged felt they were getting something they'd never had before with the access we wanted to give them." reveals Reddick.

Not only did fans get to hear new songs in their earliest format through acoustic demos online but they were allowed studio access each day through online updates whilst others even got the chance to record gang vocals and appear in future promo videos. It's resulted in an incredibly interactive experience for both BFS and fans alike. "It's the way the music industry is gonna work now", Reddick adds. "Once you're at a certain level with a solid fan base, you don't need a record label, your fans become your label. They dictate what they want, choose the album title and in the end everyone gets a great product."

The new collection of songs on 'LUNCH. DRUNK. LOVE.', produced once again by Reddick and his JARINUS band mate Linus of Hollywood, are perhaps some of the band's most personal to date. Of course there's the ever present element of fun running through its core but alongside the BFS styled anthems is some incredibly touching material showcasing how the band continue to grow two decades on. Songs such as 'Real', 'Envy', 'I Am Waking Up Today' and a cover of the 1988 Edie Brickell & New Bohemians hit, 'Circle', are delivered incredibly fresh and from the heart. Jaret is open when it comes to the new songs, "It's a really honest album. It's been an interesting time in my life as far as going though personal changes and people will realize this when they hear the songs. I'm sure they'll think, 'Yeah, that guy just went through some shit!' "

With their twentieth anniversary just around the corner the tour schedule for the new album will see BOWLING FOR SOUP head overseas to undertake a farewell tour of the UK this coming October. "I actually thought more people would question us on the reasons behind this final tour and perhaps be angry or over dramatic, but the response has been overwhelmingly supportive", admits Jaret "I just think the timing was right. We've accomplished so much and the UK has been so good to us that we really wanted to go out with a bang!"

'LUNCH. DRUNK. LOVE.' is an exciting new chapter and direction for BOWLING FOR SOUP. As they turn a corner and begin to balance the rock and roll machine alongside real family life and a host of musical side projects, they assure fans they're not getting rid of them that easily.

"With the internet being the way it is, we're more in touch with our fans now than we've ever been." explains Jaret, who today regularly performs online concerts several times a month to fans all over the world. "We're all excited about the future and what's next. Honestly, it opens up the whole world for us! If you're a fan of BOWLING FOR SOUP you may not be seeing us in person as much but you're definitely gonna have more new songs." The band definitely means what they say. Not only is there the new album set for release but also a Greatest Hits retrospective and a fun packed Covers album are on the agenda. Things certainly aren't set to slow down just yet!

BOWLING FOR SOUP have weathered an ever changing musical climate. They've forged an old school career of tour, record and repeat, whilst also embracing social networking and modern media to allow them to interact and get even closer with their beloved fan base. Their main secret though has been the most obvious - be yourselves and have fun because it shows and 'LUNCH. DRUNK. LOVE.' is a fine example of this. It may be just three tiny words but they have a whole lot of heart much like BOWLING FOR SOUP themselves.