Tickets on sale now for all 2015 Warped Tour stops
Tickets available to buy in person for majority of Warped 2015 shows
New 2015 Warped ticketing exclusive add on items include tees, socks and more
Meet your 2015 Warped YouTubers: BryanStars, Dee Fizzy, Johnnie Guilbert, Austin Jones & Jordan Sweeto
Live webcast performance clips from the Warped Kick Off Party available now
Pierce The Veil announced playing all Warped dates this summer

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from Minneapolis, MN
Dance Pop

Koo Koo Kanga Roo are like the Happy Meal of music - fun for little kids, big kids and grown-ups who never quite grew-up. Their music captures the constant desire we all share to eat pizza, push all the buttons on the elevator and hang out with the cute girls on Sesame Street. With sounds that vary from rap to pop punk to whale noises, they translate the narrative of our collective inner kid into songs that stick with you like delicious gum in your hair. More

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