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2016 tour dates coming this December
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Warped 101

Details On The 2016 Vans Warped Tour

The 2016 tour dates will be released in December, then the tour lineup will be rolled out in March 2016. Tickets will be on sale shortly following those lineup announcements. Continue to check the site for details and make sure to join the Warped newsletter. You can also follow us on our socials: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr and YouTube

Everything You Need To Know About Going To A Warped Show

First time at Warped or just need a refresher on what to expect at Warped? No worries. This handy guide will help you in planning your day at Warped and answer questions you might have about some things that make our tour unique. Here's your guide to and how to get through Warped! Remember to have fun, be safe and rock out!!

Before The Show


Where Do I Get Tickets

Tickets are available through your local tour date page where you'll also find info about the bands playing your stop, transportation info and more. Tickets for Ticketmaster shows are available in person at Ticketmaster outlets at over 3200 Walmart locations as well as select Simon malls, Kroger's, Giant Eagle's and other retail location. Check the retail locator to find a location near you. If you purchased tickets ahead of time be sure to bring your print-at-home printout or ticket to the show.

When Are My Tickets Going To Be Mailed?

Mail to home tickets are often mailed out 3 to 6 weeks before your tour stop but they can be delivered up to one week before your show. It varies by market and for specific questions on your order, contact the customer service department for your show’s ticketing company. Be sure to have your order number and details ahead of your email/call. If the ticket order pertains to mail to home tickets purchased during the pre-sale, contact Flavorus customer support, email or call 323-908-0607

Can I Buy Tickets At The Box Office The Day Of The Show

If you did not pre-purchase your tickets ahead of time, they are generally available at the day of the show at the venue box office. Check the site and your date page to check on ticket availability and pricing.

Bring Your Parents In For Free

Warped offers one complimentary parent admission to accompany a minor (under 18) that has purchased a ticket to a 2015 Warped Tour show. The complimentary ticket can only be picked up at the yellow top Vans Warped Tour guest list tent located near the front entrance of the venue. The complimentary ticket is non-transferrable and the patron must show proof (actual ticket, receipt or electronic order confirmation) at the tent. Limit one complimentary ticket per party. NOTE: Guardians accompanying minors to the show must be legal guardians over the age of 28

Where do I find out what bands are playing my local show

The lineup for the Warped Tour varies per each stop. Check your local date page to see what bands are playing at your show

What time does the show start and end

Doors for Warped generally open at 11:00am and the show closes down by 9:00pm. Check the Warped website for your show's info as some show start and end time's vary

Want To Get In Early, Avoid A Long General Admission Line & Do Some Good?

Feed Our Children NOW! will be accepting donations of 3 canned goods (cannot be dented or expired cans), a $5 donation, or a used cell phone to feed hungry children in each city and fund their youth empowerment program. This year Feed Our Children NOW! will also be accepting iPods (with or without charger) to support the charity Music & Memory. Bring your donation to the The Feed Our Children NOW! tent to receive your Express Entry wristband; the tent is located near the Express Entry flag at the main gates.

I Hear If I Donate Blood I Can Go Backstage. Can I?

The nonprofit Music Saves Lives offers a backstage wristband for the first 100 ticket holders that line up at the MSL tent the day of the show. You will need to donate blood or have someone donate for you. You will need to earn your MSL Voucher at an Official MSL blood center, or earn a blood donor badge on your smartphone using the MSL App, or lastly, have taken a photo of yourself donating blood. You will need to bring one of these 3 options to our tent and check in with the MSL Staff. All Backstage Blood Drives start April 2015. More information

Take Lyft To And From Warped

This year, use the Lyft app to get welcoming, affordable rides to and from Warped. New users can enter the code WARPEDTOUR to get $20 off their first ride.

Take Rally Bus To Warped

Rally Bus is an independent bus service that provides transportation to and from Warped shows. For complete info, pricing and more, check out the Warped Tour Bus page.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Donate Blood?

All most all states require you to be 16 and have parent approval. If you are 17 and older you can donate without a parent approval. You CAN have someone donate for you if you can't.

What Can I Bring To The Show

Small, lightweight backpack, sunscreen, a small homemade snack, one sealed bottle of water, camera, sharpie for autographs and writing set times, fully charged cell phone, comfortable sneakers, hat.

What Can't I Bring Into The Show

Chains (ex: wallet chains), alcohol, recording devices, firearms, weapons, knives etc., any illegal substances.

How To Stay Up To Date On Warped News + Giveaways

Check out our website for an optimized mobile site guide to the tour. Remember to also follow us all day long on Twitter for day of show updates on contests, signings, weather updates and more.

Fan Club Ticket Buyers

Will Call Option: If you purchased a Warped fan club pre sale ticket and selected the will call pick up option, bring your receipt along with a picture ID and the purchasing credit card to the main venue box office. If the purchasing cardholder will not be present at will call, you must bring a copy of the credit card, front and back. Your name and purchase will be confirmed and you'll receive your show ticket for admission through the special fan club ticket holder line.

Mail To Home Option: Bring your ticket to the show for admission and head to the special fan club ticket holders entrance. If you did not receive ticket and it's within a week of the show, contact ticket support for further assistance.

Print At Home Option: For those shows that had a print at home option, bring your printed ticket to the show and look for the Warped Fan Club Ticket banner at special fan club line for entrance to the show

At The Show



These are often counterfeit tickets and we are not responsible for fake tickets. You'll lose your money and won't be able to enter with those tickets. Why risk it?


These passes are not real, will not give you access and will be a waste of your money. The only sanctioned online passes offered are through the Unite the United fundraiser for the TJ Martel Foundation and the passes from the Music Saves Lives blood donation fundraisers.

Want To Volunteer On Warped

Natalie Dickinson will be running the volunteer tent this summer and you can find out about opportunities by email as well as following the We Are The Kids site and Twitter. Learn more about the program in this video intro from Natalie.

What Time Are My Favorite Bands Or Some You May Have Never Heard Of Play

The schedule of the band's set times are not set until the morning of the show so Remember to Get to the Show Early and head to the big inflatable at the main Vans tent where the schedule will be listed

Yeah We Know It Gets Hot On Warped, Here Are A Few Ways To Stay Cool:

Warped Tour Cool Gear Hydration Stations: Warped will be providing free filtered water at the Cool Gear Water hydration systems at each Vans Warped Tour stop this summer. Fans can fill up empty water bottles, soda cups or purchase a reusable water bottle all of which can be filled up as much as needed throughout the day. Note that fans are allowed to bring in one sealed water bottle when they enter the show and that can be continuously filled up at the station. Look for the "WATER" banner in the festival grounds for the filtration stations.

Low Priced Water: The Warped Tour also noticed a need for lower-priced water at the shows, so we worked with venues and promoters to create a lower water price per bottle at all Warped shows this summer.

Shade Areas Throughout The Venues And Remember To Pace Yourself Through The Day: Look for designated shade tents throughout the venue. As for amphitheater shows, that roof makes a nice cover from the sun. It's also a long day so pace yourself and take a break from time to time.

Misting Stations: Who can turn down some cool mist during a hot day? Look for misting stations throughout the festival grounds.

Slip and Slide: Even better than a misting station is the slip and slide!! Weather permitting look for the slip and slide on the festival grounds. Jump in, get wet, and have fun!

Food: We can't emphasize it enough. In addition to staying cool throughout the day, you also need to eat! There are food vendors and concessions at every show.

If tickets for your show are available online through Ticketmaster, you can pre-purchase a special low-priced Meal Deal good for a meal with a soda. Be sure to print out your voucher and look for signs at concession stand to redeem them.


Where Are The Band Signings

Be sure to visit the sponsor + vendor area to mark down times for signings, acoustic performances and more! Participating sponsors will have this information posted on a white board or other signs outside of their tents each day! You can also follow the tour on Twitter @vanswarpedtour for signing updates

What if I Need Medical Assistance

Need assistance with an immediate medical need? Look for the first aid flag located at the medic station.

Where Do I Get Free Stuff

One of the hallmarks of Warped Tour is that many sponsors and non-profits offer freebies for coming by and spinning a wheel, playing some games or just saying Hi! You can find all this in the sponsor+vendor village

How Do I Get My Compilation CD

If you bought your ticket early (in the first two price levels) and are eligible for a 2015 Warped Compilation, the download link will be sent via email to the ticket purchaser's email address. Physical copies of the CD will also be available for sale at the SideOne Dummy tent at each Warped stop this summer as well as on after June 15th

Reverse Daycare

The ultimate perk for parents, the Reverse Daycare Tent is an air-conditioned chill zone for parents who escort their teens to the concert but crave a break from the heat and music. Here parents can relax, enjoy a cool beverage and interact with some of the family-friendly products in the tent. (Closing at 6PM)

Drop Off Area

Most venues have a designated drop-off area in front of the venue for drop offs and pick-ups.

Fan Club Ticket Holder Entrance

If you purchased a Fan Club pre sale ticket, head to the Fan Club ticket holder line located near the front entrance. You must have your fan club pre sale to proceed through this line. If you selected the fan club pre sale ticket will call option for your show, head to will call first to pick up your ticket and then to the this ticket holder line for admission.To confirm whether you have a fan club ticket, those that are priced $25.00 or $29.00 are fan club tickets and eligible for this entrance.



Warped iPhone + iPod Touch App

The Official Vans Warped Tour application helps keep up-to-date with the Warped through News, Twitter, and YouTube feeds as well as updated Band and Show listings. This application includes all of the Vans Warped Tour bands and show dates and lets you know which bands are playing at each show. The application also includes tips on how to have the most fun at the show with the Vans Warped Tour Survival Guide and Video. Additionally, it will help you create your own Vans Warped Tour schedule. When you get to the show, find the Vans inflatable and using the My Set List feature you can easily keep track of when your favorite bands are playing! Available now in the iTunes Store

Warped Android App

The official Vans Warped Tour Android app is available in the Google Play Store. It's a tool for Android users to use to keep up to date on Warped news, bands, dates and more as well as containing the scheduling tool to create and manage your own schedule for the day