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2015 Monster Energy Pit Blog: Shakopee

Tori, your 2015 Monster Energy Pit Reporter shares footage from the Vans Warped Tour in Shakopee, MN. Featuring Memphis May Fire, Escape The Fate, The Bunny The Bear, and more. 

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2015 Monster Energy Pit Blog: Chicago

Tori, your 2015 Monster Energy Pit Reporter shares footage from the Vans Warped Tour in Chicago, IL. Featuring Attila, Being As An Ocean, Major League, Crossfaith, and more. 

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Juliet Simms TEI Interview!

Find out why Juliet was inspired to do her The Entertainment Institute workshop "Girl Power - Rise Above in the Music Industry and Life" after the jump and sign up for her class here

Why were you interested in taking part in The Entertainment Institute’s Music Business Workshops?

A few reasons I wanted to partake in the workshops. One being that I felt like it was my responsibility as an artist and a leader to help guide or educate kids in the field I am in, so they wouldn’t necessarily have to go through some of the hoops,loops,holes and crap I went through. I wanted to pay it forward so to speak and maybe save some headaches. When I was growing up I had some strong female influences within the music industry that I looked up to and if I had had the same kind of opportunities to speak to them as kids do today with musicians I would have picked their brains until nothing was left haha. I wish I had this experience myself so I’m more than happy to spend time with kids to let them know whats up. I also wanted to do the workshops because within the warped community there are SO MANY BOYSSSS. Not discriminating just want to help empower the girls of today and tomorrow that they can do it too and achieve whatever dreams they may have. Last reason I wanted to do this was because I know what its like to become a women in the world today and the issues we face and battles we deal with, whether its body image, bullying, sexism, being mistreated, depression, self confidence issues and so on. I see it online everywehere, Ive been through it and have gotten out of it, so If i can help just one girl or boy with anything above I would be very happy. I’m hoping i can help a lot more tho;)


Why should kids sign up for your workshop?


If anything above interests you than thats why haha. It’s gonna be a positive workshop filled with real talk and the opportunity to ask me anything you want. I’m here to help and give advice wherever. 


3 Why did you choose to teach this topic?


It’s the same reason I write the songs I write about. I’m passionate about it. It’s what makes me, me and If I can use that to help others than HELL YEAH!



What Warped artist from the past do you wish your younger self could learn from in one of these workshops and why?


I would say Gwen Stefani from No Doubt. And because she did it fucking right. To be able to ask her how she did it. Without having to guess my way through the industry may have helped me out a bit and taken a little less time haha. I’d still even today like to talk to someone like her. There’s always more to learn and grown from. 


What are you most looking forward to this summer?


Playing on stage everyday with a full band again. It’s been way too long so I’m really excited to get out there and rock it with my new EP “All or Nothing”

I’m also really excited about my new merch line. I helped design the whole thing so I’m pretty proud of it being so into fashion and all! XD

 Photo credit: Ashley Osborne

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2015 Monster Energy Pit Blog: Detroit

Tori, your 2015 Monster Energy Pit Reporter shares footage from the Vans Warped Tour in Detroit. Featuring Icon For Hire, Bebe Rexha, Kaya Stewart, and more. 

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New Music From Emarosa!

Emarosa released a new EP today, “VS - Reimagined” and it's streaming NOW on their YouTube channel! Listen now after the jump! 

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2015 Monster Energy Pit Blog: Cuyahoga Falls

Tori, your 2015 Monster Energy Pit Reporter shares footage from the Vans Warped Tour in Cuyahoga Falls, OH! Featuring Metro Station, Simple Plan, The Karma Killers, and more. 

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2015 Monster Energy Pit Blog: Alternative Press Music Awards

Tori, your 2015 Monster Energy Pit Reporter shares footage from the Alternative Press Music Awards in Cleveland, OH! Featuring Sleeping With Sirens, Black Veil Brides, PVRIS, Neck Deep, and more. 

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2015 Monster Energy Pit Blog: Service Day and Scranton

Tori, your 2015 Monster Energy Pit Reporter takes you behind the scenes during the Warped Tour service day in Gettysburg and the show in Scranton, PA! Featuring Beartooth, Silverstein, Jule Vera, and more. 

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Message From Kyleigh Founder Of Fight To Make A Life

After the jump read a message from the founder of Fight To Make A Life, a non-profit to help raise funds for Ovarian Cancer research, and make sure to stop by her tent tomorrow in Detroit! 

Hi my names Kyleigh and I am the founder of fight to make a life. Back in 2011 I lost my mom to Ovarian Cancer after her long 5 year battle. Before she passed away I promised her I'd spend the rest of my life making sure Ovarian Cancer got the awareness it deserved. Shortly after my mother's passing I came up with the slogan "Fight To Make A Life" and had bracelets made that said that. I started to sell them and I realized that I wanted to keep doing more to raise awareness and money for research. Fast forward to now, 2015. I have raised over $1,000 for research. Last year at warped tour I got invited to come on stage with the color morale and they gave me a voice. This year I have my own booth at the July 24 warped tour stop. I will have my bracelets, t-shirts and much more for sale! I will also be doing raffle tickets to raise more money. I will have lots of instant prizes and some great bigger prizes! 2 for $1 and you can check out my Instagram ( @fighttomakealife ) to see the prizes that we are going to have! I will be running this booth along with the help of my uncle jon (my mom's younger brother). I have payed for everything out of my own money and all the money raised will be going for Ovarian Cancer research. Please help us give Ovarian Cancer the voice it deserves and learn more about it by stopping by our booth!

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MC Lars Spins The Simpsons

Our friend MC Lars​ on Warped just dropped a brand new music video for "The Ballad of Hans Moleman!" Watch the video below! 

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American Opera Covers Moose Blood

American Opera​ is back with another Warped Wednesday cover! This week he covered "Swim Down" by Moose Blood​! Listen now after the jump and make sure to catch him at The Acoustic Basement Tent at your date this year at Warped!

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New While She Sleeps Acoustic Video!

We are so excited to premiere While She Sleeps​' new acoustic video for their song "New World Torture" off their Deluxe Edition of 'Brainwashed'! Make sure to catch them on the Monster Energy Stage all summer long! Watch the video now after the jump!

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New Warped Podcast!

Josh Weller from The Kenneths talks to Bebe Rexha, Say We Can Fly and Kaya Stewart about how to survive a zombie apocalypse. And he interviews Baby Baby on a moving roller coaster! Listen now after the jump! 

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